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      9 Best Whisks For Your Kitchen — 2021 Reviews and Top Picks

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      Last Updated on January 16, 2021

      Our Top Choice...

      Key Features

      • Familiar, classic design
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Stainless steel head
      • Molded plastic handle
      • Integrated handle hook for hanging

      Half dozen of eggs

      All of us here in America have Julia Child to thank for introducing the whisk to our home kitchens. During her televised series “The French Chef”, many?aspiring at-home chefs?were shown the magic of French culinary techniques — including their enormous variety of?whisked sauces.

      Instantly recognizable by its long metal handle and balloon-shaped head, a great whisk is an?essential tool?for kitchens both professional and personal. But if you think that the traditional whisk style you have in your mind is the only one out there,?think again!

      In these reviews, we’ll be introducing you to the wide and wonderful world of whisks. With options available to fit?every budget and purpose, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for your home kitchen out of our carefully curated list.

      Whether you plan on using your new whisk for?pancake batter, traditional brown gravy, sweet meringues,?or simple?scrambled eggs, choosing the best whisks for your needs is as easy as reading on to find out more…

      Here are the best whisks you can buy:

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      Top 9 Best Whisks (2021 Reviews)

      1. Best Overall – KitchenAid Utility Whisk


      Comfortable and easy to use
      Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
      Includes a hook in the handle for easy storage
      Lightweight yet durable
      Great price for any kitchen


      Wires are a little bit thick for this style of whisk


      • Familiar, classic design
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Stainless steel head
      • Molded plastic handle
      • Integrated handle hook for hanging
      • Weighs .32 pounds
      • Measures 12” x 3”

      Classic style and long-lasting utility are characteristic of the KitchenAid brand name, making it one of our go-tos when looking for any new kitchen tools. Unsurprisingly, the KitchenAid Utility Whisk combines the?best features of many other whisks?we tested into one supremely useful package. What truly sets it apart, though, is that it can achieve this high performance at such a completely reasonable price.

      A comfortable molded plastic handle (with an integrated storage hook, no less) provides a firm foundation for the long stainless steel wire head. Measuring fully one foot long from handle to head, the KitchenAid utility whisk also weighs just under ? of a pound — making it one of the?most pleasant and easy to use whisks?we’ve ever tested.

      In short, the KitchenAid Utility Whisk is the?best multipurpose whisk?you could ask for. Equally capable of aerating egg whites into stiff peaks or creating a rich and velvety brown sauce, it’s the whisk of choice for almost any home chef.


      Simple design is easy to use
      All stainless steel construction is extremely durable
      Thin wire head makes for fluffier meringues and foams
      Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
      Available in 5 lengths to fit any hand size or culinary technique


      No hook for hanging
      Stainless steel handle can get slippery


      • 100% 201 stainless steel construction
      • Dishwasher safe
      • 17 gage/.06” wire thickness
      • Available in 5 lengths: 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, or 18”

      For an efficient and utilitarian whisk at the lowest price possible, consider the Update International Piano Wire Whip. Its?minimalist design?and?incredibly durable construction?make it just as useful in your home as it would be in a professional kitchen.

      It’s impressive to find a piano wire whisk of this quality at this price, too. The thin, 17-gage wire is ideal for creating light and airy foams, meringues, and sauces — but being made of 201 grade stainless steel means that this whisk will likely last longer than your current kitchen. Being available in 5 sizes is a nice touch to help?accommodate chefs of all sizes, too.?

      One of the very few downsides that we found in the Update International is its lack of a storage hook. With every other whisk in our review featuring simple storage options, that stands out as a design flaw that’s unfortunate but not a dealbreaker.

      3. Premium Choice – Jamie Oliver Balloon Whisk


      Most aesthetically pleasing whisk we’ve ever seen
      Lightweight design leads to less fatigue while whisking
      Long wire neck keeps batter from traveling up the handle
      Large balloon-style wires make for easy whisking
      Amazing 25-year warranty


      On the expensive side


      • Polished stainless steel utensil head
      • Long wire neck
      • Wide, balloon-style wires
      • Real acacia wood handle with teal dipped end
      • 25-year Jamie Oliver guarantee
      • Measures 16.54” x 3.74”
      • Weighs .24 pounds

      Jamie Oliver may be Britain’s most famous modern-day chef, having hosted no less than 10 television series about food and cooking. It should come as no surprise, then, that this product from “The Naked Chef” star would be the?most beautiful, easiest to use option?on our list — and that it comes with a premium price tag.

      For your larger investment in this balloon-style whisk, you’ll be rewarded with a real acacia wood handle and polished stainless steel wire head. At over 16.5 inches long, it’s the?largest whisk?we tested — making it effortless to quickly produce smooth or airy sauces and emulsions.

      What really puts the Jamie Oliver Balloon Whisk over the top, though, is its almost unheard of?25-year warranty. You read that right: For the next twenty-five years, this whisk is eligible for repair or replacement if anything goes wrong. Now?that?is a real statement to the quality and durability of a kitchen product!

      4. Best Easy Cleanup – Zyliss Easy Clean Whisk


      Unique design makes it exceptionally easy to clean
      Completely dishwasher safe
      Specially coated handle won’t discolor with use
      Ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to use
      Integrated hook in handle for easy storage


      Unfamiliar style can take some getting used to
      Wires are thicker than we’d like for delicate uses


      • Stainless steel wire head
      • Wires do not cross at tip
      • UV coated handle
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Measures 14.37” x 2.95”
      • Weighs .27 pounds

      Featuring a unique wire design that differentiates it from traditional whisks, the Zyliss Easy Clean Whisk is — you guessed it — the?easiest whisk to clean?out of any that we tested.?

      By eliminating the wire crossover in traditional balloon-style whisks, the Zyliss prevents any buildup of thick sauces or batters between the wire segments, often making it as easy to clean as giving a good rinse. And since the entire whisk is?dishwasher safe, you’ll never have to concern yourself with a lengthy cleanup after whisking.

      Available at a reasonable price that’s in the same range as messier traditional whisks, the Zyliss delivers consistently clean results for anyone who hates washing dishes. If the wires were just a bit thinner, we might have given it our top pick as the best whisk overall; as it stands, the thick wires make delicate emulsions difficult to execute.

      5. Easiest to Use – Starfrit Super-Fast Whisk


      Makes heavy whipping work fast and easy
      Cool retro design
      Comfortable, non-slip handles
      Easy to clean and totally dishwasher safe


      Can get very messy if you’re not careful with it
      More expensive than traditional whisks


      • 2 stainless steel wire heads
      • Handheld mechanical style
      • Ergonomic handle grips
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Measures 13.5” x 4.5”

      Anyone who has tried their hand at making a traditional aioli or hollandaise sauce knows that whisking can be?hard work. But did you know that there are ways around that without having to plug in an electric mixer??

      With its straight-from-the-70s design and comfortable handles, the Starfrit Super-Fast Whisk is a perfect in-between option that’s?easier to use than a traditional whisk, but?more convenient than an electric mixer. Hold the main body in one hand and crank with your other hand, and you can seriously reduce the hand and wrist strain associated with the long whisking times of classic French sauces.

      Since it has more moving parts, the Starfrit is a bit more difficult to clean than simple whisks. If you’re not careful while mixing, the high speeds can make quite a mess out of any batter that you’re working with, too.?

      Overall, the Starfrit Super-Fast Whisk is a great option for saving a lot of hand and wrist fatigue, but is slightly harder to clean and significantly more expensive than a traditional whisk.


      Perfect for thinner batters and gravies
      Seamless and watertight head is extremely hygienic
      Balance and precision weighting make it so easy to use
      Exceptionally durable design
      Hook at end of handle makes it easy to hang and store


      On the expensive side
      Not as useful for meringues or foams


      • Stainless steel body and wires
      • Silicone wire tips
      • Balanced weight from tip to end
      • Seamless and watertight head
      • Includes handle hook
      • Available in 3 lengths: 8”, 11”, and 13”
      • Weighs 1 pound

      Ball-style whisks are one of the latest additions to the whisk category, having made their debut less than 10 years ago. While still not the most popular option, these versatile whisks have amassed an almost?cult following in professional kitchens?for their comfort and ease of use.

      The WMF Americas Profi Plus Silicone Ball Whisk is a sleek and well-designed piece of kitchen hardware. A?perfectly balanced stainless steel body?makes it take less effort to whip any sauce or emulsion to a perfect consistency, and the completely sealed dishwasher safe design is supremely hygienic.

      If it wasn’t so expensive, we would easily have named this ball whisk as one of our favorite choices. But if you’re willing to make a slightly larger investment in your all-purpose whisk, we strongly recommend the?WMF Americas Profi Plus.

      7. Best Push Whisk – Küchenprofi Parma Push Whisk


      Trademark triangular handle design is comfortable and easy to use
      Best whisk style for scrambled eggs and emulsified sauces
      Saves your hands and forearms from fatigue during long whisking
      Small, lightweight, and easy to store
      Easy to clean and dishwasher safe


      New style of whisk takes some getting used to
      More expensive than traditional whisk styles


      • Made of 100% 18/10 stainless steel
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Triangular handle design
      • Includes storage hook at end of handle
      • Measures 11” x 2”
      • Weighs .2 pounds

      With an entirely different wire design and whisking motion, push whisks can be a rather curious kitchen tool to get used to. Once you’re comfortable with the up-and-down motion, though, this may be the most?effortless?way to achieve extreme aeration for aiolis, meringues, and foams.

      The?Küchenprofi Parma Push Whisk?is a beautiful and durable piece of German engineering that commands an impressive price. Not for the faint of heart, this specialized tool will take time and attention to learn how to use effectively. In short, we appreciate this push whisk’s design and efficiency, but warn that its high price tag might not be the best for kitchens on a budget.

      8. Best for Baking – Jillmo Danish Dough Whisk


      Thicker handle provides better grip while mixing stiff doughs
      Durable and long-lasting stainless steel construction
      100% dishwasher safe makes it easy to clean
      Best tool around for hand-mixing doughs and thick batters
      Thick wires won’t bend during heavy use


      Does not come with handle hook for easy storage
      Very specialized purpose
      More expensive than a traditional whisk


      • 100% stainless steel construction
      • Thick wires specially made for mixing dough
      • Large, thick handle
      • Dishwasher safe
      • 11.75” long
      • Weighs .29 pounds

      If you’ve ever come across directions in a pastry recipe to whisk your flour and liquid ingredients, there’s a good chance you also quickly realized?that an all-purpose whisk is?terrible at doing so. With their thin, tightly-packed wires, traditional whisks simply aren’t up to the task of mixing together stiff doughs or batters.

      That’s why you’ll need a dough whisk, like this one from Jillmo, if you’d like to mix your pastries and baked goods by hand. It has thick and durable stainless steel wires and a wide handle for easy gripping. Similar to a pastry cutter, it’s specially made to mix hard ingredients with flour.

      If you plan on using your whisk primarily for baking, this is the one for you — but if you’ll also need it for sauces and foams, choose a different tool.

      9. Best for Gravy – Tovolo Sauce Whisk


      Perfect for making deglazed sauces and scraping brown bits off of pan bottoms
      100% stainless steel construction is long-lasting and durable
      Shape of wires helps keep this whisk on the bottom of pans
      Larger handle makes it easier to apply force when necessary
      Thick wires hold up to extended heavy-duty use


      Specialized use means it’s not versatile
      On the expensive side


      • All stainless steel construction
      • Thick, stiff wires
      • Flat wire shape
      • Large handle diameter
      • Dishwasher safe
      • 10” long
      • Weighs .18 pounds

      While an all-purpose whisk can do a good enough job for gravies and pan sauces, you’ll need a sauce whisk to make the best of all your brown bits. Also known as a “roux whisk”, this stainless steel sauce whisk from Tovolo is specially designed to make the best gravies and thick sauces around.

      Designed for scraping and slow mixing — not aerating — sauce whisks like this one are essential for the gumbos and etouffees of New Orleans-style cooking. If you’re a fan of the rich, thick sauces of French cuisine, consider diversifying your kitchen tool selection with this?sauce whisk from Tovolo.

      Final Verdict: The Best Whisk for the Money

      KitchenAid Utility

      If for no other reason than it’s easy to use, classic style at a great price, the KitchenAid Utility Whisk deserves our coveted #1 spot. Simply put, it’s the most user-friendly whisk out there, and will cover the uses that 90% of home cooks expect out of a whisk. It ca be used in whipping cream and, like a flour sifter, it can easily sift flour and more. Unless you’re in need of a more specialized tool, it’s easily the best choice.

      For the gourmet on a tight budget, consider the Update International Piano Wire Whip as an excellent value-priced alternative. While it lacks a hook for easy storage, the ability to choose from any of five sizes gives it a leg up on most traditional whisks. Plus, you can buy one for an absolute steal of a price.

      Which whisk do you think will work best in your kitchen? While we recommend starting with an all-purpose whisk, the sky’s the limit for how uniquely specialized you’d like your kitchen tools to be. Thank you for reading, and best of luck with all your sauces and baked goods!

      How to Choose the Best Whisk

      Before you commit to purchasing a particular whisk, we recommend taking a look over the same criteria we use for choosing a great whisk:

      Who Needs a Whisk?

      The whisk is an indispensable kitchen tool for making?sauces, gravies,?and?salad dressings, but also features prominently in a wide variety of?baked goods recipes.

      While you can get away with using a large fork if all you intend to whisk is the occasional bowl of scrambled eggs, anyone with an interest in?European cuisine?should have a whisk at the ready.

      What to Look For In Any Whisk

      No matter what sort of whisk you choose, and what jobs you might use it for, there are?two things?you’ll always be appreciative of in the long run:?Durability?and?easy cleanup.?

      That’s why we so consistently recommend stainless steel whisks above any other material. They’re built to last, resistant to bending, and completely dishwasher safe. Do yourself a favor and avoid any cheaper whisks made of aluminum or plastic; they’ll wear out far too quickly.

      Whisk Types Explained

      While any whisk can be used to mix solids and liquids, each type specializes in achieving a certain consistency in the finished product.?

      Let’s take a look at each of the types of whisks you might want in your kitchen:

      • Balloon whisks?are the most common style, featuring a rounded or teardrop shaped bundle of wires that converge at the end opposite the handle. They’re perfect for whipping up stable foams.
      • French whisks?are a more elongated version of a balloon whisk that offers tighter control while whipping, making them an excellent all-purpose tool.
      • Piano wire whisks?fall between the French and balloon whisks, and feature much thinner wires that make them ideal for aerating foams.
      • Sauce whisks?feature three or four wires bent into a flattened U shape. They excel at scraping browned bits off the bottom of saucepans, but aren’t very useful for aerating or emulsifying.
      • Plunger whisks, also called spring or twirl whisks, use a different hand motion to mix and aerate sauces. While they can take a while to get used to, they save a lot of effort for your hands and forearms.
      • Dough whisks have one thick wire coil arranged in a flat spiral, and like stand mixers, they are made specifically for mixing very stiff doughs and batters.
      • Ball whisks?use silicone or other plastic balls at the end of long, stiff wires in order to minimize friction and resistance while whipping and mixing.
      • Mechanical whisks, also known as?hand mixers, use a crank and gear system to power two rotating beaters. They are very convenient for heavy whipping duties, but often harder to clean.

      If you are looking for a tool that could do better than a whisk then we would like to also recommend our immersion blender reviews.