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        The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans You’ll Love This 2020

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        Last Updated on January 15, 2021

        Our Top Choice...

        Key Features

        • Comes with 60" blade span for comfort in large spaces
        • Four-speed wall control included; remote control adaptable.
        • Perfect for high ceiling applications
        • Easy to install


        There’s nothing nicer on a warm summer day than sitting out on the porch curled up with a good book. Unfortunately, at least where I live, plenty of days are a little TOO warm for that to really be a good idea unaided. Enter the outdoor ceiling fan, designed to stand up to the elements while providing the same kind of service you’d expect from its indoor brethren.

        What are the best outdoor ceiling fans? And what makes them so good? Well, let’s find out.

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        Top 9 Best Ceiling Fans Reviews of 2021

        1. Emerson Loft 60” Industrial Ceiling Fan

        Emerson Loft
        Check Price on Amazon


        • Material: stainless steel
        • Dimensions: 65” x 10.5” x 11”
        • Blade span: 60”
        • Cooled area: large sized room

        This ceiling fan hits all of our target marks right in the middle, making it the perfect fit for our winner.

        With a larger than average 60” blade span it can easily cool a large sized room, while not being so large that it can’t be properly installed and used in a somewhat smaller one. The strong stainless steel blades are sturdy and can stand up to a lot of long term use, and also help make this fan damp rated, so it’s just as good outdoors as in.

        The three blade design is perfect for maximum cooling, and comes with 4 speed setting, including a reverse setting. It also has a number of nice control options, being usable with either a slide wall control, or a remote control kit that can be adapted to it.

        In terms of price, it’s fairly middle of the road especially for its performance. It’s not by far the least expensive fan on the list, but nor is it anywhere near the most. In all ways it is a bit above average…which is perfect for what we want.

        The only minor issue might be sound (three bladed fans are typically louder than ones with 5 blades or more), but outdoors even that shouldn’t be that big of a drawback.


        Well built and sturdy stainless steel construction
        Sleek and modern design fits in almost anywhere, indoors and outdoors
        Damp rated for use on porches and similar locales
        Easy to install
        Controllable with a wall slide or remote control
        High air moving power from efficient three blade construction
        Great price for the performance


        A bit on the loud side for a fan

        2. Minka-Aire Xtreme H2O 65” Outdoor Ceiling Fan

        Minka Aire Xtreme H2O
        Check Price on Amazon


        • Material: ABS plastic
        • Dimensions: 65” x 10.5” x 11”
        • Blade span: 65”
        • Cooled area: large sized room

        This is an excellent top notch quality outdoor ceiling fan, though it commands a high price for that immense quality.

        The construction is impeccable, with the ABS blades remaining flexible but sturdy even while spinning. The slim profile of each blade is made up for by the use of 8 blades rather than the standard 3 or 5, keeping it quiet even as the greater speed levels on the motor keep air moving swiftly and easily.

        The fan is certified for wet condition by the ETL, meaning it’s usable in just about all conditions and excels in exceptionally humid and rainy climates, while providing enough cooling power to keep things comfortable even in the midst of the hottest summer months.

        The fan has 6 full speed settings giving you a lot of granularity of control, and even better can be wifi controlled (and multiple fans can be set up to be controlled by the same device simultaneously).

        Everything about this fan is top notch, save for maybe in the looks department; it’s a bit bare, but that’s the price you pay for something big enough to cool extra large rooms. Unfortunately as I mentioned before, you’re paying a premium for this: about double what I’d usually consider the mid-high end models, and triple what some of the cheaper ones will run you.


        Excellent performance
        Perfect for large rooms
        ETL wet rated for use outdoors
        6 selectable speeds
        Remote or wifi controlled


        A bit lacking in the looks department
        Extremely expensive

        3. Hunter Fan Company Nautical 54” Ceiling Fan

        Hunter Fan Company Nautical
        Check Price on Amazon


        • Material: stainless steel (hardware), glass (lamp covering)
        • Dimensions: 64” x 54” x 7.83”
        • Blade span: 54”
        • Cooled area: Medium to large sized room

        In terms of appearance in a vacuum, this is hands down my favorite fan here. It’s got a clear nautical theme, as you would imagine by the name, with a weather roughened wood appearance on the blades, and a light reminiscent of a lighthouse jutting from the center, it’s perfect for any home with a vague nautical theme.

        Appearance aside, it’s also just a great fan. Hunter makes good fans for all sorts of purposes, and this one fits right in with the rest of their lineup. It’s ETL damp rated (meaning you need to keep it in a fully covered space, but it’s good in rain or humidity if you do) and has a larger than average 54” blade span to help it push air around larger rooms better.

        I’m not a huge fan of the shape overall; the vaguely oar shaped fan blades are nice, but a little less efficient than if they were better angled or a little wider but that’s mostly a minor gripe.

        Taking everything else into account (sturdy stainless steel construction, 3 speed whisper quiet motor, and lifetime limited warranty) it’s a good purchase for anyone who wants to bring a little nautical flair to their porch.


        Excellent nautically themed appearance
        Great performance
        Larger than average blade span
        Included light
        Easy to use pull chains
        Sturdy stainless steel construction
        Lifetime limited warranty on the motor


        A bit pricey
        Nautical them may be hard to work into some decorative styles
        Not wet rated; especially weird for something with this appearance and theme

        4. Casa Vieja Breeze Tropical Outdoor Ceiling Fan

        Casa Vieja Breeze Tropical
        Check Price on Amazon


        • Materials: ABS plastic (blades), metal (motor)
        • Dimensions: 22.68” x 18.54” x 9.76”
        • Blade span: 52”
        • Cooled area: 5009 cu. ft. per minute

        This nice damp rated ceiling fan coasts by a lot on its looks, but doesn’t provide half bad performance either.

        While I think designed to look like palm fronds, the blades on this fan remind me of nothing more than some kind of seashell, which isn’t a bad look at all. It goes well with a lot of design appointments, especially (as you can see in the background) things with a paler look like sandstone or cream colorings.

        The performance isn’t too bad either, with a decent motor and wide cooling range. The issues lie in its height and its price. The way the downrod is designed on this one makes it longer than normal, necessitating a high ceiling (minimum of 9 feet) to use. Combined with the high price, that makes it difficult to justify purchasing if you don’t have somewhere with that specific combination of aesthetics and height, but if you can make it fit it’s perfect.


        Good efficiency
        Great looks
        Remote controlled
        Three speeds
        Included light


        Very expensive
        Requires an exceptionally high ceiling to safely install

        5. Honeywell Belmar 52” Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fan

        Check Price on Amazon


        • Materials: wood (blades), metal (motor)
        • Dimensions: 11.54” x 13.31” x 23.66
        • Blade span: 52”
        • Power: 120 v
        • Cooled area: medium to large sized room

        A fan like this is a dime a dozen; I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d seen this exact model multiple times in some roadside farmer’s market or a friend’s back porch. But fans like this proliferate for a reason: they’re the best you can reasonably expect to get for such a low price.

        The performance is good, but nothing to write home about. 5 fan blades, 3 speeds, and a reverse setting. Perfect for relatively quiet all weather usage, and easily controlled by a simple pull chain (though it’s also compatible with Honeywell’s remote control system).

        The construction is solid, overall damp rated with a simple design and cheap but effective wooden blades.

        In terms of cheap, widely available, and easy to install and use fans, this is the pinnacle, so pick one up if all you care about is a bare bones fan that will get the job done on the cheap.


        Widely available
        Extremely cheap compared to most fans
        Solid performance for the price
        Three speeds and a reverse mode
        Easy to use
        Good construction for the price


        Bare bones in terms of features
        Middle of the road in pretty much every regard
        Fairly ugly

        6. Honeywell Duval 52” Tropical Ceiling Fan

        Honeywell Duval
        Check Price on Amazon


        • Materials: wicker (blades), metal (motor)
        • Dimensions: 10.75” x 13.31” x 22.48”
        • Blade span: 52”
        • Cooled area: Medium to large sized room

        It may not look like much, but this little tropical styled fan from Honeywell brings a lot to the table, and won’t ask you to break the bank for it.

        The wide, flat blades are great for slowly pushing air around consistently and quietly, and are perfect all weather fan blades.

        The wicker design is lightweight and looks nice, and contributes to the fan’s ability to be used in damp (though covered) conditions. The simple pull chain design might be harder to use for shorter people, but overall provides fine enough control over the four speeds this fan provides (low, medium, high, and reverse). The reverse function is worth noting because it can be used to pull hot air upward and then disperse it down during the winter, keeping air circulating without cooling the people beneath it.

        This is a fan that is cheap, effective, and looks nice in a variety of homes, though does need some consideration used to ensure it fits in with the rest of your decorative sensibilities; the use of tropical woods in the construction of your home or porch helps a lot.

        Best of all it’s easy to install, with the blades just slotting right in once you have the motor hung (at one of 3 different angles).


        Nice tropical design
        Three speeds plus a reverse mode for the winter
        Good performance
        Great price
        Easy to use
        Quick to install


        Would be better if it was wet rated
        Could use a remote since the performance level fits well in high ceilinged rooms

        7. Casa Vieja Delta Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan

        Casa Vieja Delta Wing Modern
        Check Price on Amazon


        • Materials: walnut wood (blades), oil rubbed bronze (motor)
        • Dimensions: 27.2” x 12.9” x 8.5”
        • Blade span: 52”
        • Cooled area: 5723 cu. ft. per minute

        This is a decent enough ceiling fan, though I’ll admit a bit of bias against it base don its UL rating. It’s rated for damp climates, not humid or wet ones, and so should only be used in places with fairly low humidity. This does not fit my own climate at all, so would not be MY first option, but for anyone living somewhere with drier year round weather this is a great fit.

        It looks nice, with a very sturdy rivet and strong walnut wood blades. While fairly shallow they’ll cut a good path through the air, and the 52” wingspan will be enough to cool a roughly 12’ x 12’ room, though this is obviously more about guesswork when measuring for an outdoor setting.

        Aesthetically this option is good, with the aforementioned walnut cutting a nice figure, and the bronze finish on the metal portions helps to compliment that nice reddish brown coloring.

        The motor is all right, a small but more than powerful enough motor for a fan of this fairly small size.

        If you live in a fairly dry climate, this is a great reserved option for you to consider.


        Excellent looking walnut and bronze aesthetic
        Decently priced for the quality
        Remote controlled for easy use


        Not suited for wet or humid climates

        8. Hunter Fan Company Cassius 52” Matte Black Fan

        Hunter Fan Company Cassius
        Check Price on Amazon


        • Material: metal
        • Blade span: 52”
        • Power: 120 v
        • Dimensions: 52” x 52” x 15”
        • Cooled area: Medium to large sized room

        This Hunter Fan product is simplistic in design one for sure, but there’s something very appealing about this one. The shape of the blades is what does it for me, I think. It’s a striking angular appearance that cuts an excellent figure when not in motion, for all it’s a simple and fairly cheap fan.

        The performance is nothing to write home about, but neither does it lag behind similarly priced options. It’s good for decent sized rooms and functions in damp (though not especially damp) circumstances. You want to use this in a properly covered porch with a good bug net to reduce how much moisture gets into the porch, and forget about using it anywhere without some kind of effective side covering, like a gazebo or similar spaces.

        While it lacks a remote control for easy use, a pull chain design has its own advantages; you can’t lose a chain that’s attached to the fan, after all. All in all, you can do a lot worse, especially for the price. If you’re just looking for something functional and cheap, that works in the average weather, this is a great pick.


        Fairly inexpensive
        Solid performance
        Simple pull chain design
        Damp rated
        Simple but striking angular design


        Fairly simplistic
        Damp rated but not wet rated

        9. Harbor Breeze Merimack II 52” Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fan

        Harbor Breeze Merimack
        Check Price on Amazon


        • Material: wood (blades), metal (motor), glass (light shade)
        • Blade span: 52”
        • Dimensions: 24.5” x 15.5” x 10.4”
        • Cooled area: Medium to large sized room

        This is a simple, tasteful, and affordable fan that provides everything you need for a nice cooling breeze on your porch.

        Each of the blades is damp rated, with a decent shape and good performance; wider at the ends to push the air properly. They’re also reversible, giving you the choice of a weathered bronze finish or brown. This helps you make it fit into whatever decoration you’ve already set your porch up with.

        The light on this one is one of the nicest looking ones I’ve seen, with a design clearly made to evoke the look of an old oil lamp, but conveniently set into your ceiling. Both the fan and light are controlled by pull chains, which are lengthy and should easy to reach if set into a taller ceiling (though might be a bit annoying if you have a lower ceilinged porch).

        The Harbor Breeze motor runs on a standard 3 speed plus a reverse switch for whenever it might be needed, giving you plenty of options for adjustment.

        At the price this comes in, you can’t ask for a lot more, and frankly many fans out there would give you a whole lot less. If you just want a simple fan that fits in anywhere, this one has you covered.


        Easy to use
        Three speeds for maximum comfort
        Reverse switch
        Great price
        Looks nice with most decorative sensibilities
        Included light
        Long, easy to reach pull chains


        A bit simplistic and doesn’t “pop” like some other fans might. Will always be a good fit, but almost never a great fit

        Final Verdict

        Emerson Loft
        Check Price on Amazon

        Judging what is the absolute best for a fan is pretty difficult, given the main factor in a lot of ways is purely subjective: looks. Performance across the board is similar for a lot of fans, especially outdoor fans which know they need to be a little more powerful on average to be worthwhile.

        I still stick by the Emerson option as the best; it has probably the highest amount of cooling power on this list, and it’s well made while looking nice enough (in a neutral sort of way) to fit the tastes of most people.

        The rest are solid options on their own merits, especially since aesthetics are the main difference between a lot of them, unless you really need the ETL wet rating (which is sadly very rare among outdoor ceiling fans) or have a severe preference for more or less fan blades. Anything on here should serve well enough.

        What to Look For in an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

        Ceiling fans are pretty simple, overall. There’s a few minor criteria that need to be met. They should be well made and sturdy, and should typically come with three speed settings so you can adjust the fan to how much cooling you actually need. A reverse setting to suck out cold air and disperse heat better in the winter is also nice. Having an attached lamp is usually a good plus as well.

        However, there are a couple of more nuanced factors, one of which is unique to outdoor fans.

        The first (and universal factor): looks. You want your fan to look good, and what “looks good” is going to vary a lot from person to person and house to house. It doesn’t matter how much you like something if it clashes with the rest of your décor.

        So one of the most important things to look at is whether the fan fits your sense of aesthetics and that of the decorative sensibilities you’ve gone with in your home.

        In terms of performance though, there’s one critical factor for outdoor fans specifically: wetness rating.

        Typically, unless you live in an exceptionally dry climate, you want a fan rated for at least “damp” weather, certified by the ETL. A damp rating means that the fan can survive just fine in humid weather, and can take rainfall indirectly; namely if it’s under some kind of properly covered space, like a porch with AT LEAST a screen to cut any rain that might come in sideways.

        If you don’t have a porch designed like that, you need to find one rated for “wet”, which is completely waterproof and can survive being rained on, mostly due to being made of plastic rather than wood or metal. These types of fans are as rare as hen’s teeth though, so it can be hard to find one that is rated properly and fits all the other criteria, especially considering price; fans can get pretty expensive based on what kind of features and ratings they have, up close to the $500 range at the highest end.