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      7 Best Camp Chef Outdoor Ovens: Categories of Camping Oven

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      Last Updated on January 9, 2021

      Our Top Choice...

      Key Features

      • Digital screen color PID monitor gives total control
      • Smart smoke technology gives you more freedom
      • Grease management system makes cleanup easy
      • Wide temperature range from 160°F to 500°F
      • Ash cleanout system is easy to use


      With so many people having a deep love for summer cookouts, plenty of outdoor chefs seek to transform their deck or patio into an incredible outdoor kitchen. These folks love grilling, but they also enjoy having outdoor stoves and ovens available to create their favorite entrees, side dishes, and desserts without sacrificing their love of the great outdoors.

      One of the most versatile options for an outdoor oven is the Camp Chef 24” WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker with Sidekick.

      Here are the best camp chef outdoor ovens you can buy:

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        Top 7 Best Camp Chef Outdoor Ovens For 2021

      1. Best Runner Up - Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven

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      • Height: 49”
      • Weight: 162 lbs.
      • Hopper Capacity: 22 lbs. of pellets
      • Upper Rack Area: 382”
      • Lower Rack Area: 429”

      The Camp Chef 24” WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker with Sidekick is a great companion for any outdoor cook. Once this awesome piece of equipment is yours, you’ll unlock a huge assortment of options that you never thought was possible on a grill or oven before.

      Pellet grills are truly the unsung heroes of the outdoor kitchen scene. Many of them are 6 or 8-in-one cookers that allow you to grill, smoke, bake, braise, broil, roast, boil, and barbecue all on one cooking surface. This particular model offers the use of a side griddle that will give you excellent searing ability, too.

      Imagine being able to start your ribs smoking in the early morning with an early afternoon finish time, then setting a higher temperature to finish your sides of mac and cheese and baked beans. Finally, turn down the temperature just a bit to finish baking cornbread or an apple pie. You can do all this and more with the Camp Chef 24” WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker with Sidekick. Any outdoor chef will find a friend in this modern griddle/oven combination.


      Digital screen color PID monitor gives total control
      Smart smoke technology gives you more freedom
      Grease management system makes cleanup easy
      Wide temperature range from 160°F to 500°F
      Ash cleanout system is easy to use


      Dual fuel sources limits placement options
      Some users have reported issues with temperature controls

      2.  Best Runner Up - Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven

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      • Overall Weight: 41.4 lbs.
      • 25” x 24.5” x 21”
      • Oven Heat Output: 5,000 BTUs/Hr.
      • Maximum Oven Heat: 400°F
      • Warranty: 1 year

      The Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven is the professional cook’s answer to many outdoor cooking questions. This terrific, compact oven moves easily with you as you take your indoor business outside.

      Use your oven for baking large orders of bacon or preparing biscuits for service later. If you need to bake cakes or muffins on the go, you can depend on the Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven to do the trick for you every time.

      It features a fun and easy to use carrying case with convenient and comfortable handles so your hands will remain pain-free if you use this oven for camping and RVing. You never have to leave your casseroles, pies, homemade lasagna, or mac and cheese at home when you can set them to bake in your handy and secure Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven.

      The built-in igniter means no more matches required, making it safer and easier to get cooking, while the non-stick enamel cooking surface will prevent sticky messes. Your friends and family will be impressed by your ingenuity to keep them fed.


      Works well with disposable 1lb. bottles of propane
      Compact oven still fits 9” x 13” pan
      Folding lid doubles as convenient windscreen
      Can be adapted to use larger bulk tanks
      Wide temperature range of 250°F - 400°F oven power


      Users report issues with ignition switches
      Some users have a problem regulating temperatures

      3.  Best Budget - Camp Chef Outdoor Oven

      Check Price on Amazon


      • Maximum oven temperature of 400°F
      • Weighs 32 lbs.
      • Total output: 18,000 BTUs/Hr
      • Internal Oven Dimensions: 11” x 16” x 9”
      • Warranty: 1 year

      Bring your favorite pizza ingredients and toppings on your next camping trip and enjoy them around the campfire with your Camp Chef Outdoor Oven. This fun and fancy mini oven will give you all the creature comforts of home while you venture into the great outdoors. Even in the most rustic and remote areas, you’ll feel as though you’re glamping like royalty.

      Add your Camp Chef Outdoor Oven to your deck or patio to keep the party going outside. Bake french fries, tater tots, or chicken tenders for the kids as they’re swimming without having to leave the pool deck. In the winter, stay toasty warm under your patio heater while you bake delicious desserts for loved ones as you relax under the stars after a hard day at work.

      It’s small enough to fit on a tabletop. On hot days, bring it outside to your deck to prevent the heat buildup your traditional oven would cause inside. You can also take it with you to the workshop or garage to heat up lunch and dinner while you work. The possibilities are endless with the Camp Chef Outdoor Oven.


      Appealing price point
      Lightweight oven offers modern convenience anywhere
      Expands cuisine options for picky eaters when camping
      Great for preparing food in emergencies
      Holds temperatures well over extended periods


      Bulky appliance can be difficult to backpack with
      Thermometers are recommended, oven gauge is misleading

      4. Best Single Burner Option - Camp Chef Single Burner Pizza Oven Box

      camp chef pz30
      Check Price on BBQGuys


      • Cooking Surface: 12.63” x 12.63”
      • Overall Dimensions: 14” x 16” x 9”
      • Weight: 17.5 lbs.
      • Pizza stone made of cordierite ceramic
      • Fits most Camp Chef 14” Cooking Systems

      Even the pickiest of little campers will be thrilled when they can create and bake their own pizza right next to their campsite or RV with Camp Chef’s Single Burner Pizza Oven Box. Your menu options can also include any number of delicious options, including baked pasta dishes like mac and cheese or baked ziti.

      Even the most dedicated pizzaiolos who crave only traditionally made recipes will swoon over the Camp Chef’ Single Burner Pizza Oven Box. The accompanying pizza stone conducts heat exceptionally well, ensuring that your pizzas cook evenly and thoroughly, but many outdoor chefs love using regular pizza screens to create an even crispier crust for the perfect pie.

      This outdoor oven is portable and easy to carry, allowing you to bring the comforts of home with you anywhere you go. Perfect your pizza making skills, no matter where you are. Anywhere you can grill, you’ll be able to create delicious pizzas that anyone and everyone will love. With this oven, many delicious Camp Chef recipes will be enjoyed by everyone.


      Oven preheats very quickly over high heat burner
      Portable pizza stone for camping
      Design is open-air and open-faced pizza oven
      Make pizzas, breadsticks, sub sandwiches, and more
      Gas burner cranks heat up to over 500°F


      Stone needs to preheat before cooking
      Learning to use oven takes trial and error

      5. Best Option For Pizzas - Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

      Check Price on BBQGuys


      • Overall Weight: 47 lbs.
      • Total Output: 17,000 BTUs/Hr.
      • Overall Dimensions without shelf: 15” x 26” x 16”
      • Stone Dimensions: 13.25” x 20”
      • Shelf Dimensions: 5” x 23”

      Get ready to be shocked at how much you can do with just one portable appliance. The Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven will quickly become your favorite item in your outdoor kitchen. You’re no longer limited to searing burgers or smoking ribs on your patio. Now you can enjoy artisan pizzas, sandwiches, and breadsticks from scratch with the help of your new outdoor pizza oven.

      This fun accessory to Camp Chef’s other cooking systems also works well alone, so don’t feel pressured to purchase anything else to create the pizza kitchen of your dreams. Invite friends and family over to impress them with your pizza making skills or layout a smorgasbord of ingredients to let them build their own. The sky’s the limit with the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven.

      Family night gets a new dimension with the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven. You can easily coax your teenagers away from their rooms and phones to join the family fun outside.


      Making pizzas at home is cheaper than delivery
      Works well with 20 lb. propane tank
      Making pizzas outside is less messy
      Stone is easy to clean by just scraping it
      Make flatbreads, pitas, crackers, buns, muffins, and pretzels


      Regulator hoses need replaced every few years
      Ignitor switches can be tricky to use

      6. Best Budget Pizza Oven - Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven 90

      camp chef pz90
      Check Price on Amazon


      • Product Weight: 30 lbs.
      • Overall Dimensions: 16” x 24” x 19”
      • Cooking Surface: 15” x 20”
      • Front Opening Dimensions: 20.5”. x 4.5”
      • Includes ceramic pizza stone

      The Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven 90 cooks the perfect breadsticks, brownies, bundt cakes, and blondies every time. While pizzas are this little oven’s specialty, you won’t have to limit your men because it can bake pies and pasta, too.

      Invite your Italian grandmother over for a traditional dinner and surprise her by cooking your entire meal outside. Homemade meatballs have never tasted so good as they have coming out of this incredible outdoor tool. Keep your prosecco close to hand because she won’t believe what she sees you can do outside of your own home.

      If you’re on the go, your camping friends will love your ability to be versatile no matter where you are. Treat them to delicious masterpieces crafted from your own homemade dough, pizza sauce, and carefully hand chosen toppings. Bonus points if your tomatoes or basil comes directly from your own garden.

      It’s simply amazing what you can do in your own backyard with the Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven 90.


      Homemade and store-bought dough cooks evenly
      No oven doors to struggle with when cooking
      Oven heats up quickly
      Make the same pizza as wood fire oven
      Great gift for anyone who RVs or camps


      Users have experienced difficulties getting oven to temp
      Seasoned pizza stone is needed to bake pizzas

      7. Best Tailgate Experience - Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven 60

      camp chef pz60
      Check Price on Amazon


      • Weight: 41 lbs.
      • Cooking Surface Area: 12.5” x 26”
      • Front Opening Dimensions: 29” x 4.5”
      • Overall Dimensions: 14” x 32” x 9”
      • Pizza stone made of cordierite ceramic

      Amp up your pregame style with the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven 60 by Camp Chef. This incredible little oven does everything your home oven does but is so compact that you can easily take it with you anywhere you go.

      Perfect for every tailgate, the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven 60 doesn’t disappoint. While waiting for the game to start, cook your own pizzas, sub sandwiches, breadsticks, and desserts. Whip up some brownie batter and bring it with you to bake in a stadium parking lot. This is cruise control to a good time with lots of friends and family.

      This portable oven is easy to use and easy to transport thanks to Camp Chef’s forward-thinking innovation for cooking on the go. You’ll never have to worry about equipment when you’ve got the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven 60 working for you. This well manufactured and thoughtful design is something you can rely on for years to come. Every tailgater will benefit from this outstanding appliance.


      Never buy pizza dough again
      Family fun starts with oven, ends with great memories
      Reaches cooking temps in less than 20 minutes
      Thin crust pizza cooks in under 10 minutes
      Versatile oven cooks everything from cornbread to brownies


      Must season pizza stone before use
      Rusts without proper care and storage

      Final Verdict

      Check Price on BBQGuys

      If you love cooking outside, you’ll love adding an outdoor oven to your patio kitchen. Having this unique outdoor cooker opens up a lot of options for your cookout cuisine. You can easily infuse delicious wood flavors into your desserts and side dishes with your grilled meats and veggies with the Camp Chef 24” WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker with Sidekick.

      How to Choose the Best Camp Chef Outdoor Ovens

      Before buying an outdoor oven, you’ll want to have a good idea of what you’ll be using it for so you can narrow your focus on specific features. Things like heat retention, fuel source, and size are important to consider. Below are buyer considerations to follow.

      Heat Retention

      Choose models that are built using stainless steel, cast iron, and porcelain-coated grates. These materials help build and retain heat well, creating an environment that is more fuel, cost, and time-effective.

      Fuel Source

      Many chefs love using wood and wood pellets to fire their ovens to infuse smokey apple, cherry, or hickory flavors into their proteins and desserts.


      Oven size is important because it speaks directly to what kind of limits you might face when cooking or reheating food. If an oven is too small, you may be unable to fit your pans into it, but a too big oven could take too long to heat up.