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      The 7 Best Broiler Pans of 2021 – Roast The Competition

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      Last Updated on January 6, 2021
      Range Kleen BP106X
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      Our Top Choice...

      Key Features

      • Easy to use and easy to clean
      • Perfect for average sized toaster ovens
      • Made from heavy-duty porcelain on steel grill and base

      Made from high quality materials throughout. Heavy-duty porcelain on steel grill and base, manufactured in The USA guarantees this set safe for use at temperatures up to 1025 degrees F, while maintaining a price point that is accessible to anyone.

      broil steak

      It wasn’t terribly long ago that your humble guide to the world or Broiler pans was unfamiliar with this useful cooking tool.

      It took a little grease from a marrow bone combined within the heat of an oven alongside a corrugated cardboard tray from a frozen pizza, and thus lighting my kitchen ablaze.

      I found out not only did I need a new one, but first I had to learn what one was.

      For the uninitiated—and since you’re here, I doubt it’s you—A broiler pan is a hollow enameled metal plate that is used to collect drippings and grease from roast meat or fish.?

      Using one requires a lot less oil than other methods of meal prep, saves you on cost, wastes less—which makes them more eco friendly—and? most importantly, is quite handy in eating a healthy, nourishing nutrition plan.

      These useful tools can cut time in baking, broiling, and grilling, giving our at home gourmet more time to spend eating said healthy feasts with the family they love.

      And anything that gives me more time now—and a longer timeline with the people I adore—is a must have in my kitchen.

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        Top 7 Best Broiling Pans (2021 Reviews)

      1. Best Overall – Range Kleen BP106X Porcelain Broil and Bake Pan

      Range Kleen BP106X
      Check Price on Amazon


      Made In USA


      Smaller pan, Ideal for smaller to two person dishes

      Make perfect meals every time with the help of the Range Kleen BP106X 2 PC Porcelain Broil and Bake Pan By TFal.

      Heavy Duty Porcelain Broil and Bake Pan guarantees that whether it is broiling meats to taste or baking dishes, anyone can cook with ease using this 2-piece utensil.

      This Broiling pan is designed with versatility in mind. The grate of the grill allows drippings to drain away from meats. The Range Kleen BP106X is even suitable for use on outdoor grills. All of this combines to make the perfect broiling Pan for fish, meats and veggies.

      Along the lines of versatility, with Dimensions: 12.75 inches long by 8.5 inches wide by 1.325 inches deep, this Broiler pan can also be used as a baking dish.

      TFal, a trusted name in kitchenware for over 60 years, manufactures this model so a savvy consumer knows they can get the highest quality cookware possible, while still only spending the bare minimum.

      Made in American and Dishwasher safe, you can cook on the OEM quality part at temperatures just over a thousand degrees, and then toss it in the dishwasher so you can get back to good times with your favorite people.

      2. Best Presentation – Frigidaire 5304442087 Range/Stove/Oven Broiler Pan

      Frigidaire 5304442087
      Check Price on Amazon


      Trusted brand
      Beautiful color


      Not the most heavy duty unit

      If one is looking for more cooking options with their oven, but lacks all the components needed, A genuine replacement part will get you using your oven broiler properly so that you can make some of your favorite meals and desserts.?

      Frigidaire is so well known in their field, that in the early-to-mid-1900s a huge piece of the American population called any refrigerator a Frigidaire regardless of brand. Further, In France, Quebec and many other French-speaking regions globally,Frigidaire is often in use as a synonym even today.

      Such is the quality of manufacturing you can expect from the Frigidaire 5304442087 Range/Stove/Oven Broiler Pan, 1″, Blue.

      But more than that, the regal blue enameling makes this model the reviewers top pick for best looking broiling pan. So if you wanted to set a roast as a centerpiece, this is a worthy consideration?

      Broiled, hams, turkey, roasts or even whole fish on display with a stunning azure backdrop. Because aesthetics are one of the great joys in life, and presentation is as much a part of the dish as the aroma, wafting delectably around all the people you choose to give your time, and your food.

      Simple instructions make installation and use a snap

      3. Best 2 Serving – Norpro Nonstick Broil/Roast Pan Set

      Check Price on Amazon




      Some complaints of a thin finish

      Norpro, Located in the lush and lovely Pacific Northwest, is an entrenched supplier of unique kitchenware.

      Established in 1973 with a vision for designing, manufacturing and providing high quality kitchenware backed by a promise to surpass client desires. They are reliably at the lead of product innovation. Making a trip worldwide to learn trends enabling them to make forefront products and introduce their clients to the most recent advances and industry developments.?

      Their products offer the utmost quality and are made—in their words—with unrivaled materials and craftsmanship.

      And the Norpro Nonstick Broil/Roast Pan Set is no exception.

      This unit, measuring 16.5 inches long, by 12 inches wide, by 2 inches deep ( or 42cm x 30.5cm x 5cm if you prefer metric) is a two-piece broiler pan with a uniquely perforated top that allows grease to drain off easily while cooking, for healthier results.

      Engineered with a nonstick finish to make removal of broiled or roasted goods effortless and clean up quicker than even the flash it takes to broil.

      Perfect for individual or two person servings, and unique design and finish make this broiling pan a lovely presentation piece for rib and loin cuts of meat, boneless chicken, fish, shellfish, vegetables and breads of all kinds.

      4. Best Single – G & S Metal Products Company OvenStuff Nonstick Toaster Oven Bake, Broil and Roast Set

      G & S Metal Products Company OvenStuff Nonstick Toaster Oven Bake, Broil and Roast Set
      Check Price on Amazon


      Single serving size makes it easy to manage and control portions
      Rugged and Heavy duty
      Easily Affordable


      Not family sized

      Ideal for broiling the perfect serving size for one person—convenient for athletes or folks with allergies, and anyone else controlling their nourishment for that matter—the G & S Metal Products Company HG57 OvenStuff Nonstick Toaster Oven Bake, Broil and Roast Set is everything one needs to broil, broast, roast, or toast to their own specific nutritional requirements.

      This Two-piece value set is a personal size model that includes one 8.5-inch by 6.5-inch bake & roast pan and one 8.5-inch by 6.5-inch Fat-A-Way broil pan.

      The OvenStuff Fat-A-Way broil pan makes it easy to wipe out excess fat from food for example bacon, chicken, or fish. Less fat means less calories. Less calories means that if you have any reason to maintain a caloric deficit, that those little differences can add up, and fast.?

      A Proprietary DuraGlide Plus non-stick coating keeps you more beneficial by taking out the need for cooking spray or oil and makes it easy to clean. Combined with heavyweight steel construction ensuring even heating across the pan for perfect baking outcome.

      And best yet?

      OvenStuff Bakeware is gladly manufactured and distributed within the good old US of A. So buy yours today comfortably keeping your dollars in your community.

      5. Best Heavy Duty – Funreader Nonstick Broil/Roast Pan with Rack

      Check Price on Amazon


      Heavy duty
      Long lasting


      Too large for most toaster ovens

      If you need a broiling pan for turkeys, hams and gain roasts, then Funreader has the unit for you.

      Their Nonstick Roasting Pan with Rack, Heavy Duty Turkey Roaster Ovenware Broiler Pan BBQ Bakeware adopts weldless and one-step forming technology, and uses high quality heavy duty carbon steel which is totally different from standard and stainless steel.?

      This bakeware is exceptionally stable, evenly heats, and is not easy to deform. Estimated 10-15 years of heavy use before requiring replacement.?

      Unlike some others on the market, this rack is designed with a tight and strong grid pattern so baked goods won’t sag while cooling or baking. Each rack is supported by? tall legs that will provide even distribution of heat during cooking and ample airflow when cooling. The roasting rack can even be used separately.

      2 Layers of European food grade high-end ILAG coating—which is PTFE, PFOA and BPA free—offers easy release of baked goods and an easy clean up. Both the sheet and roasting rack are dishwasher safe.

      Speaking of clean, deep full sides for containing more food and preventing sauces from flowing everywhere to keep your oven neat.

      Pans exterior dimensions 13.6 inches by 9.7 inches by 2.4 inches with interior dimensions 12 inches by 8.1 inches x 2.1 inches.

      The wire rack comes in at 12.2 inches by 8.5 inches.

      Imagine baking cookies directly in the pan and placing on the rack to cool.?

      This baking pan and rack set meets most of your daily baking or broiling needs; Great for bacon, ribs, chicken wings, vegetables, cookies and nigh anything else you can imagine.

      6. Best Roasting Pan – Farberware Bakeware Nonstick Steel Roaster with Flat Rack

      Farberware Bakeware Nonstick Steel Roaster with Flat Rack
      Check Price on Amazon


      Easy to use design
      From a trusted and reliable source
      Nonstick surfaces


      Lower warping threshold than some other pans

      Faberware has over 120 Years of service in bringing value to America’s busy kitchens, along with convenience and dependability.

      It’s a Farberware tradition with roots that have been growing since 1900 when S.W. Farber made his first ever tin and copper cookware set. Since then, Farberware has remained dedicated to making everyday cooking masterpieces easier for eras of at home chefs and gourmets.

      Farberware helps today’s families keep ahead in the kitchen with quality, convenience, and 120 years of reliability and counting. Made for every generation, past present and future.?

      And the Farberware 57026 Bakeware Nonstick Steel Roaster with Flat Rack only further cements that legacy.?

      Nonstick surfaces inside and out deliver great tasting food that releases quickly, with a mess free cleanup.

      Dual-riveted stainless steel handles on the broiler pan make removal of the pan from the oven easier, while wide handles on the rack make removing roasts a snap. It honestly covers all your bases.

      This heavy-duty, long-lasting steel cooking pan is designed to resist warping for years of roasting performance. And it’s oven safe up to and including 450 degrees F.

      11 inch by 15 inch pan features a removable chrome-plated rack which elevates meats to allow fats to drip away.

      7. Best Disposable – DCS Deals Pack of 15 Disposable Aluminum Broiler Pans

      DCS Deals
      Check Price on Amazon




      Not all that reusable

      DCS Deals offer just that with their Pack of 15 Disposable Aluminum Broiler Pans

      Enjoy grilling every night for half a month straight with this economical bundle pack of fifteen BBQ grilling and broiling pans. Strong yet lightweight, everything cooks evenly in these pans.

      Aluminum Foil Grilling Trays are designed to grill any kind of meat, leaving no mess on the grill itself. You can also use these as drip pans or for grilling buttered vegetables and fresh caught fish. The textured ribbed bottom surface will even give your foods those authentic grill lines.

      How many times have you not had a BBQ or made a family meal because you hated the cleanup that comes after? These foil sheet pans make cooking and grilling fun for everyone, because nobody is stuck washing. The food will taste great and cleanup is even easier, just throw it in the recycling or trash. Yes, it is completely recyclable.

      Stick your, Steak, Shrimp, fish, Veggie,sausage, or any other meat, in the oven on this broiling pan. Or get super organized and grill the chow in advance. You can then place the disposable broiler drip pan in the fridge or freezer for later use, without having to worry about muss or fuss,

      Enjoy many meals outdoors this summer with this portable disposable pan. Take it camping, on a day trip, or just use in your home oven with the setting on high broil!

      These ribbed pans measure approximately 13 inches by 9 inches by 1 inch.

      Final Verdict

      Range Kleen BP106X
      Check Price on Amazon.com

      Honestly, any pan on this list would facilitate in preparing some of the quickest, healthiest, and most delectable at home dishes our intrepid culinary clientele could handle.?

      But none are as versatile and accessible as the Range Kleen BP106X 2 PC Porcelain Broil and Bake Pan.

      Dishwasher safe, inexpensive, made in America and the highest temperature rating, make this model the perfect broiling pan for putting together nutritious feasts from the convenience of one’s own home.

      So order yours now, and serve up your own genius to the people you love this weekend.

      How to Choose the Best Broiler Pan

      Why buy a broiler pan?

      One answers this question with three adjectives that almost every at home chef loves: healthy, wholesome, and scrumptious.?

      One needn’t preclude the others, and this is a perfect tool for achieving all of these qualities.

      Allow me to elaborate:

      Expidites Meal Preparation?

      A Broiler pans design was engineered to allow one to cook large meals at high temperatures like in a roasting oven, oven toasters or wall ovens, and thus prepare dishes as quickly as possible. The process distributes heat evenly to the entire surface, saving more time for family, friends, and loved ones.

      Works brilliantly with delicate dishes as well.

      If you are working with something that could easily be torn apart in turning, broiling’s uniform thermodynamic action takes care of it without having to stand over it, freeing the efficient gourmet to do other tasks.

      Broiling requires less oil

      Broiler pans require little to no oil, depending on one’s menu. In most cases, you’ll need merely to lightly brush some on the grate, but if you’re preparing any fatty meats, even that small preparation won’t be necessary.?

      Because if you can be one thing, be efficient.?

      Less oil often means fewer calories which makes it easier to maintain an eclectic and nutritious regimen of nourishment while being mindful of one’s cholesterol.?

      What to know before you buy

      One really need only consider a few simple—but important—things before settling on the best broiling pan for you.

      The Four M’s – Mmmms


      Does one prepare more meat or vegetables in their routine, and at what kind of ratios.

      For meats, you might consider a broiler that has a grill-style rack or a grate with wider slits so drippings can run smoothly. For vegetables we suggest a pan with more surface area on the top rack.


      Made from all kinds of materials, most frequently stainless steel, carbon steel, ceramic, and cast iron. All of them perform admirably, albeit with some different properties.?


      If you would rather avoid spending more of your free time scrubbing at the sink, then you might be interested in dishwasher safe cookware. Even if that isn’t prerequisite, one will undoubtedly want a dish that’s easy to clean.

      Dimensions of the pan

      Before picking a new one, you need to know whether or not it’s going to fit in your oven.